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Fic: Candy Shop

Title: Candy Shop
Author: Sam/Greg Sanders
Beta: Sanzo
Genre: Slash
Fandom: CSI Vegas
Pairing: Greg Sanders/Gil Grissom
Rating: FRT
Warnings: CRACKFIC!
Summary: Grissom get his revenge, or does he?
A/N: Someone asked for a sequel about what Grissom would do to Greg, so hope this satisfies you. Song is 50 cents 'Candy Shop' and the lyrics are in italics.
Disclaimer: I don't own them I just play with them.

Candy ShopCollapse )
"There you'll be"

AUTHOR:  Sam/Greg Sanders
PAIRING:  Horatio/Speed
WARNINGS:  mention of character death
DISCLAIMER:  I don’t own them…..just play with them
SUMMARY:  Horatio thinks of a life without his love.


Writer's Block: Warning:

If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
Warning: High Caffeine Levels

Mine ~ A CSI quick shot

TITLE:   Mine
AUTHOR:  Sam/Greg Sanders
GENRE:  m/m slash
PAIRING: Nick/Greg
WARNINGS: one little m/m kiss
BETA’S:  Becca/Paul & Kat/Ryan
DISCLAIMER:  I don’t own them…..just play with them
SUMMARY:  Nick gets a little jealous








Consequence Free Pt5

TITLE:   Consequence Free

AUTHOR:  Sam/Greg Sanders

GENRE:  m/m slash


PAIRING:  Greg/?


SEQUEL: Yep, ‘Sometimes’, ’That’s where it is’, ‘My Way Home’, & ‘Angel’

WARNINGS: Another song fic….hopefully the last

BETA’S:  Becca/Paul & Kat/Ryan

DISCLAIMER:  I don’t own them…..just play with them

SUMMARY: How hard would it be to live consequence free?

A/N: Italics are song lyrics, “Consequence Free” ~by Great Big Sea

Consequence Free

Wouldn't it be great, if no one ever got offended
Wouldn't it be great to say what's really on your mind
I have always said 'all the rules are made for bending'
And if I let my hair down, would that be such a crime?

Greg stood in front of the mirror, turning this way and that to look at his reflection.  He thought he looked good, and just hoped his partner thought so too.  Halloween was always his favorite time (of the year) and the costume he picked out was a definite winner.

I could really use, to lose my Catholic conscience
Cuz I'm getting sick of feeling guilty all the time
I won't abuse it, Yeah I've got the best intentions
For a little bit of anarchy but not the hurting kind

Greg smirked at the little gasps that he heard as he sashayed down the hallway of the lab.  He didn’t know how his partner was going to take this, but he really didn’t care anymore.  He was tired of hiding and feeling guilty for loving the man that he did.  He straightened the pleated skirt once more as he entered the break room.

I couldn't sleep at all last night
cause I had so much on my mind
I'd like to leave it all behind,
but you know it's not that easy


Second guessing himself, Greg took a sip of coffee waiting for the next part of his plan to come to pass.  He hadn’t been able to turn off his mind all night and now he could feel the lack of sleep catching up to him.  But he would not fall asleep, not before seeing his partner enter the room in all his glory.

Wouldn't it be great, if the band just never ended
We could stay out late and we would never hear last call
We wouldn't need to worry about approval or permission,
we could - slip off the edge and never worry about the fall

Taking a deep breath he walked over to his boyfriend and smirked “you’re drooling, love.”  And standing on his tiptoes, kissed him deep and in front of the entire night shift.  Pulling back he looked into the green eyes and said “I don’t want to hide anymore.  I love you, Warrick.”


I wanna be consequence free
I wanna be where nothing needs to matter
I wanna be consequence free

The End.

'My Way Home' Part 4

TITLE:  My Way Home

AUTHOR:  Sam/Greg Sanders

GENRE:  m/m Slash


PAIRING:  Greg/?


SEQUEL:  Yep, to ‘Sometimes’, & ‘That’s where it is’, & ‘Angel’ 

WARNINGS:  Song fic #4, this time with Jessica Simpson’s ‘My Way Home’

BETA’S:  Becca/Paul & Kat/Ryan

DISCLAIMER:  I don’t own them…..just play with them

SUMMARY:  Greg finds his way home

A/N: Still not telling you who the mystery man is….so nanana

A/N2: Italics are song lyrics ‘My Way Home’ ~by Jessica Simpson


My Way Home


We’ve all been down a dusty road

Trying to see around the bend

In search of something

Lots of faces, different places

Emptiness had settled in

And then I saw him


Sitting back in his lab, Greg watched as everything flowed around him, trying not to give into the feelings of loneliness and despair that were trying to overtake him.  He had been in this place before, not here in Vegas, but in every other place he had ever been.  He recognized the signs and was trying to push past them but it wasn’t working and it never did when he was left to deal with it on his own.  Then he looked up and caught worried green eyes with his and gasped at the emotions he saw there.


Envision a picture-perfect world

As you focus in the lens

Fairytale begins

Now I’m so happy that I found you

I just wanna break down and cry

And laugh, and hug and kiss


“I love you. I’m glad that you walked into my lab when you did.  I was contemplating leaving until I looked in your eyes.” Greg whispered, laying his head on the broad chest once both were home.


“I’m glad you didn’t leave.”


I’m the lover of a soul

Deep inside this man that I know

I will give it all and let go

Through his eyes, I’ll find my way home


“I want to know what you see in me.  Because when I look at you all I can see is home.” Greg said kissing up the long and exposed neck.


He can take me to heaven

That’s why I need him, why I want him

There’s no one I’d rather love

No other can touch him

I will promise you all I am


“I need you, please….let me give you all that I can.”  Greg moaned as expert fingers played his body like a fiddler.


I’ll find my way home

I will give it all and let go.


Losing himself in the sensations Greg knew, without a doubt that he would always find his way home.


The End.




Quiz Me Baby

Who is Your Stargate Atlantis Counterpart?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Rodney McKay

Your conterpart is the brilliant but caustic Canadian astrophysicist, Rodney McKay. You may be egotistical or as Samantha Carter puts it: "arrogant, petty and bad with people" but deep down you really do care about others a great deal. You're a little bit solitary, but only because certain people just annoy you and you can't stand being around them (and I mean, who can blame you). In the end, even though you can be a pain in the ass you're a good friend.

Rodney McKay


Elizabeth Weir


John Sheppard


Teyla Emmagan


Carson Beckett


Part 3 "Angel"

TITLE:   Angel

AUTHOR:  Sam/Greg Sanders

GENRE: m/m slash




SEQUEL: Yep, ‘Sometimes’, ‘That’s where it is’

WARNINGS:  Alas, another song fic….

BETA’S:  Becca/Paul & Kat/Ryan

DISCLAIMER:  I don’t own them…..just play with them

SUMMARY:  Greg was wrong and now he was alone….

A/N: Italics are song lyrics, ‘Angel’ ~ by Aerosmith




I'm alone
Yeah, I don't know if I can face the night
I'm in tears and the cryin' that I do is for you
I want your love - Let's break the walls between us
Don't make it tough - I'll put away my pride
Enough's enough I've suffered and I've seen the light

He knew they both were wrong, but he wasn’t sure how to fix it.  Greg knew that what he had said was due to the amount of hurt and betrayal that he felt.  He never thought he could cry so much, but he was hurting and only wanted the one person who could fix him, and that was who he was crying for.

Don't know what I'm gonna do
About this feeling inside
Yes it's true - Loneliness took me for a ride
Without your love - I'm nothing but a beggar
Without your love - a dog without a bone
What can I do I'm sleeping in this bed alone


Greg slowly fell into the large king size bed after shift and stifled a cry at how big it felt.  Sure he had slept alone before, but not ALONE.  He didn’t feel complete; there was something or better yet someone missing.

You're the reason I live
you’re the reason I die
you’re the reason I give
When I break down and cry
don’t need no reason why


Walking into work the next night, Greg knew what he had to do; he just needed to find the person he was looking for.  Spotting him after a moment, Greg made a beeline and didn’t stop until he was standing right infront of him.

You're my angel
Come and save me tonight
you're my angel
Come and take me all right
Come and save me tonight.


Looking into those expressive eyes, Greg only said one thing “save me….”


The End.

That's Where it is

TITLE:   That’s where it is

AUTHOR:  Sam/Greg Sanders

GENRE:  m/m slash


PAIRING:  Greg/?


SEQUEL: Yep, to ‘Sometimes”

WARNINGS:  Another song fic

BETA’S:  Becca/Paul & Kat/Ryan

DISCLAIMER:  I don’t own them…..just play with them

SUMMARY:  Greg finds where he’s suppose to be

A/N: Song fic #2  in ‘Sometimes’ series, cause you guys fed the bunny and now he won’t let go

A/N2: Italics are song lyrics, song “That’s where it is” ~by Carrie Underwood



That's Where It Is

In the circles I've been running,
I've covered many miles,
And I could search forever for what's right before my eyes,
Just when I thought I'd found it,
It was nothing like I'd planned,
When I got my heart around it, it slipped right through my hands,
Here with you I feel it,
I close my eyes and see it,


Watching as his dreams slowly came together, Greg smiled.  Who would have thought that he would still be in Vegas after six years?  He never stayed in one place that long, ever.  No matter how much he wanted he couldn’t bring himself to want to leave.  Cuddling in close to his bedmate, Greg settled down for the night and closed his eyes.

When I'm crashing through the madness,
Not sure who I'm supposed to be,
When I'm caught up in the darkness,
It's your hand that's leading me,
You bring me back to solid ground,
You lift me up right here, right now

“I don’t know what to do anymore.  Grissom asked me if I was sure I wanted to be in the field, told me it was a cut in pay.  I told him it wasn’t about the money.  Was I wrong?”  Greg said once more, as he laid in the hospital bed, feeling the dark emptiness washing over him.


Feeling a hand grip his and squeeze, he turned watery and helpless eyes to the man standing beside him before breaking down completely.


In the sweetest smile, on a night like this,
And a tender touch, that's where it is,
When we're tangled up, and can't resist,
When we feel that rush, that's where it is,
That's where it is


“Its ok baby, I’ve got you. We can make it through this together.  I’m proud of you no matter what you do.  You’re the most important person in my life and I’m not letting you go.” Was the soft declaration that was made in the darkness as it turned to light. And Greg knew that it was true. This was where he was meant to be, the love he felt was the way it was to be.


The End